Futuristic show, futuristic opera in three acts.

Concept/music/composition/staging: Roman Grygoriv, Illia Razumeiko
Directed by Rostyslav Derzhypilsky

Human / Machine
Sound / Light
Voice / Noise

Opera AEROPHONIA was the opening show of Porto Franko Festival 2018.

The main musical instrument of this neo-futuristic performance.– a legendary biplane AN-2 – is also the core element of the stage scenery for a post-drama opera performed by NOVA OPERA, that combines sonority of air turbines with a Gregorian chorale, Mongolian lullabies and trip-hop rhythms.

The human and the machine, the land and the air, the voice and the noise, seismic electric bass and the light show.



Mariana Holovko (soprano)
Anna Kirsh (soprano)
Andrey Koshman (baritone)
Ruslan Kirsh (baritone)
Yevhen Rakhmanin (baritone)
Zhanna Marchynska (cello)
Andrey Nadolskyi (drums)
Georgiy Potopalskyi (electronics)
Roman Grygoriv (conductor, contrabass, guitar)
Illia Razumeiko (synthesizer, electronics)
Yuri Izdryk (voice)
Yaroslav Zen (video)