Trap-opera “Wozzeck” based on texts of Yurii Izdryk
Music by Roman Grygoriv, Illia Razumeiko

Wozzeck: … love? …buffoon? …crazy? …offender? …victim?
The question remains open now – almost 200 years after the appearance of Wozzeck as a hero in the drama of George Buchner, and about 100 years after his reincarnation in the opera of Alban Berg “Wozzeck”.
The classic, “analogue” Wozzeck-Voitsek is the embodiment of the tragic doom of love that comes as a mental disorder, as a readiness for a complete sacrifice for the sake of the Other, but leads to dependence, to enslavement, and ends with the killing of the Other.
The new “digital” Wozzeck is the hero of the techno-carnival in a nightclub. His schizophrenia produces sounds of spectral synthesizers, his maniacal voices turn into random bits of the drum machine, his insanity breaks out from behind the scene with uncontrollable seismic basses.


Yurii Izdryk (voice)
Maryana Golovko (soprano)
Andrey Koshman (baritone)
Zhanna Marchynska (cello)
Andrey Nadolskiy (percussion)
Georgiy Potopalskyi (live electronic)
Roman Grygoriv (conductor, guitar, bass)
Illia Razumeiko (grand piano, live electronic)

Trap-opera “Wozzeck” trailer: