Opera-dystopia “GAZ”

(work in progress, Inspired by Les Kurbas’s production of Georg Kaiser’s play)

Composers Roman Grygoriv, Illia Razumeiko

Stage director Virlana Tkacz

Set Designer Waldemart Klyuyko

Choreographer Simon Mayer

Media artist Georgiy Potopalskiy


Producer Anastasia Gaishenetc

GAZ an antiutopian (dystopian) opera – is a laboratory-attempt to create a great new opera which will unite expressionist music theatre, performance theatre, post-dramatic and instrumental theatre, with the vocal and instrumental practices of the academic avant-garde and electronic music.

Our drama is inspired by a Ukrainian production in 1923 of a German Expressionist play. Set one hundred years in giant factory that produces a gas, which has become the only source of energy for the industrial world. (In this world we would all be tusing gas telephones, computers, etc). One day the gas becomes unstable. We diverge from our sources by having the explosion take place inside the workers, unleashing their rage against the machine and each other. Will there be anything left to reconstruct? The parallels to our present ecological crisis are multi-layered.